Content Callout – NAIDOC 2021; Heal Country

As part of our 2021 NAIDOC celebrations ICTV is inviting all organisations and individuals to participate in our NAIDOC Week Contributor Showcase as part of our NAIDOC special programming event. ICTV is looking for stories from your region that show the deep connection between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their country, and how their communities continue to protect, maintain and heal country.

ICTV will broadcast these stories throughout the duration of NAIDOC Week 2021 (4-11 July), and will include an acknowledgement of your organisation’s contribution. Your story will be preceded by a NAIDOC Week promo graphic that introduces the NAIDOC Theme and credits your organisation with the production.

Stories can take any form (interview, field shoot etc.) and should be based around the NAIDOC Theme; Heal Country. Examples of themes could include:

  • Environmental protection efforts
  • Ranger programs
  • Traditional land management practices
  • Sacred sites visits or creation stories

Other video criteria:

  • Any duration up to a maximum of 5 minutes long
  • Include a closing credit that shows “produced by [your organisation name]” and your logo
  • Opening Titles will not be necessary, as program will be preceded by the ICTV NAIDOC Week graphic promo, acknowledging your organisation’s contribution
  • Please provide a logo for inclusion in the promo
  • Please submit your video/s by FRIDAY 25 JUNE 2021

At the conclusion of NAIDOC Week, with your permission, ICTV will include your content in our regular programming on a continuing basis.

For more information, please get in touch with us at

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