Vale Noeli Mantjantja Roberts

Mantjantja Roberts was one of a handful of senior Indigenous media workers who put their hand up to be a founding member of ICTV, way back in Balgo in October 2006.

At the time ICTV was looking down the barrel of no longer operating, as the newly formed NITV had been given our television platform.

For many years, Mantjantja was a strong supporter of ICTV, especially through his work at NG Media  producing cultural videos.  His legacy is the outstanding collection of videos made when both he and Utjutuja and others worked together recording cultural performances that are still some of the very best videos you see on ICTV.

For me, the best memory I have of Mantjantja is his role in the History of ICTV Video – Wati and Ngarlis – playing the senior man around the fire, clapping sticks and singing for the continuation of ICTV.

Mantjantja will be remembered for his unwavering belief in the power of recording cultural material for future generations.. We offer our deepest condolences to his family.

Rita Cattoni, General Manager ICTV

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