How to Watch

You can watch ICTV as a linear television service or on-demand.

The linear television service is available on Channel 601 on VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television) and on Channel 41 in Alice Springs and Broome.

Channel 41

ICTV can be viewed in Alice Springs and Broome via the digital terrestrial service on Channel 41 without the need of a satellite dish and receiver.

Channel 601 on VAST

Channel 601 is ICTV’s free-to-air, satellite-delivered narrowcast television station. To receive ICTV, you will need a satellite dish as well as a VAST receiver and authorised VAST smartcard.

Depending on which way you move through programming, Channel 601 is at the end of the channel list or the very beginning on your VAST receiver. ‘Program Up’ is the easiest way to get to ICTV.

Online at ICTV Play

If you live in an urban or regional centre, you can watch ICTV on our video streaming platform called ICTV Play. ICTV content can be readily accessed by users anywhere in the world via our on-demand service at

inLanguage is a new addition to ICTV Play which allows users to navigate ICTV video content from a language perspective.

Programming Guide

You can find out what is playing on ICTV through our online ICTV Play TV Guide. Search for your favourite contributors, programming genres, languages and more to find out when they’ll be on ICTV.

You can also see what is playing on ICTV at any time by accessing the Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) usually by selecting ‘guide’ on your TV remote.

More Information and Support

For any enquiries about programming, including how to submit material to ICTV, please contact our office in Alice Springs on 08 8952 3118.

For technical support, including trouble-shooting your satellite decoder, please contact the appropriate person or agency in your region or community or go to the myssat website or digital ready.

For further information regarding government subsidies, please call 1800 201 013.

For registration and activation of smartcards, please call 1300 993 376 on weekdays from 9:00am to 4:30pm (AEST).

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