ICTV is a membership-based, not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee.

There are two types of ICTV Membership:

  • Ordinary member

 Ordinary membership is open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who reside in remote and very remote areas of Australia, as defined by the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics). Applications for membership are assessed by the ICTV Board of Directors at quarterly board meetings.  

  • Associate member

Any natural person who does not qualify for Ordinary membership and is accepted by the ICTV Board. Associate members may attend and speak at General Meetings, but do not possess voting rights, Membership fee of $20 (inc GST) per annum applies.

Membership will be suspended where contact information  of members is not up-to-date.

All membership applications need to be accepted by the ICTV Board of Directors.

We strongly encourage viewers, contributors and supporters to become members of ICTV and to have a say in how the service operates.

Becoming a member allows you to influence the future of ICTV through:

  • being informed of news and events through regular updates;
  • receiving benefits such as stickers and other promotional materials;
  • attending General Meetings;
  • voting at General Meetings (for Ordinary members only);
  • standing for Director (after one year of membership).

Membership Application Form