The videos on ICTV platforms are voluntarily submitted by a range of organisations and individuals including remote Indigenous media organisations, art centres, arts organisations, schools, youth programs, land councils, language programs and more. Our television and on-demand service would not be possible without the efforts and support of these contributors.

ICTV is always looking for new videos to share with our viewers. Submitting content is a great way to share stories from your community with other communities (through ICTV television), and with the rest of the world (through ICTV Play).

Submitting video content is quick and straightforward and can be done through our website at

ICTV supports its contributor group through the biennial Festival of Remote Australian Indigenous Moving-Image (FRAIM) and the ICTV Video Awards. We also offer advice on how to obtain funding for your project and provide letters of support for contributors looking for funding. All contributors to ICTV will be eligible for the forthcoming ICTV Production Fund.

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Cultural and community video content for remote Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Communities