ICTV connects audiences through the creation and sharing of original content for, and by, Indigenous Australians living in remote communities to show our way. We are a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee and managed by an Indigenous Board of Directors.

ICTV receives from the Federal Government under the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) to cover a significant percentage of our operational costs. Additional operating costs are covered through self-generated income from paid TVC campaigns and television productions.

Contributions from organisations and donors play a significant role in the running of our bi-annual FRAIM event.

ICTV believes strongly in giving back to our community and furthering the Indigenous media industry. Each year, we reinvest back into the industry through the ICTV production fund. Our aim is to share these funds with those who need it and support growth through original content production such as the Our Bedtime Stories series.

Enhance your social outcomes by sharing your messages through ICTV

We encourage organisations and donors to match our contributions so that our impact can be extended even further by funding multiple projects or projects on a larger scale. Our goal is to facilitate content created for, and by, Indigenous Australians living in remote areas by supporting filmmakers and artists from all over Australia.

We are proud to share stories from remote communities to audiences across the country through ICTV as well as internationally via our digital service, ICTV PLAY. If you have a message to share that would benefit Indigenous Australians living in remote areas in a positive way, contact us to discuss how ICTV can work with you.