Community News

The ICTV Community News project is a news and current affairs program, delivered in Indigenous languages. This project aims to provide our audiences with access to national, regional and local information in language.

In 2021 ICTV produced two pilot episodes, and eight live-to-air episodes of the Community News, each of 30 minutes duration. Each program was presented by an Indigenous language-speaking news anchor from Central Australia. The in-studio news reader presented live news from our studio, and edited with pre-recorded news items created in remote communities across Australia.

The pilot program was supported by the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

The eight episodes produced and broadcast in 2021 were supported by the Indigenous Languages and Arts Program.

Episodes of the news produced in 2021, including segments can be viewed at ICTV Play.

ICTV has been successful in securing funding from the Indigenous Languages and Arts Program for an additional five episodes, due to start production in February/March 2022.

Partnerships & Licences

ICTV collaborated with the The Koori Mail and the ABC on the 2021 project, as well as a number of other organisations including Ngaarda Media, Akeyulerre Inc, PY Media and Catholic Care NT.

For the 2022 project we will once again be looking for community partners to licence news stories of 2-4 minutes duration in language, with a licence fee of $500 per story.  The topic of the news stories needs to be negotiated with ICTV producer.


News Stories (2-4min total duration) – $500 per story

Self-contained news stories which feature a news presenter, interviews and cut away footage/audio. The topic of these news stories can be selected by the community producer, but this topic must be approved by ICTV.

Contact ICTV News Team

Phone: 08 8952 3118


The Community News project in 2021  was supported through the Australian Government’s Indigenous Languages and Arts program.  The forthcoming project will also be supported by the Indigenous Languages and Arts program.

The pilot episodes of the Community News were created thanks to the support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation.