Local stories, local people and locally developed messages about the pitfalls of gambling feature in a new ICTV series Card Stories – Series Two. The series is a unique public health promotional campaign that specifically targets Indigenous Australians living in remote communities in the Northern Territory. It builds on the success of a 2016 ICTV project featuring stories about strategies people may use to minimize problem gambling.

ICTV worked with Amity Community Services in development of Card Stories, utilizing their expertise in developing holistic harm minimization.

Card Stories 2: Episode 1 - Ida's Dreaming Targeted Message

Werte, you mob! Save some and have fun! Sometimes you win, but mostly you lose. So remember to put some money aside for the things that matter. Narrated by Lynette Ellis.

Card Stories 2: Episode 2 - Lucky's Choice Targeted Message

With gambling you can lose more than just money. Don’t gamble your life away. Narrated by Lynette Ellis.

Card Stories 2: Episode 3 - Bush Trip Targeted Message

Problem gambling can make you lonely and break up your family. Problem gambling is a whole community problem. Narrated by Lynette Ellis.

ICTV would like to acknowledge the Northern Territory Government for funding support in the development of Card Stories 2.