Remote Role Models

Remote Role Models documents the work-lives of individuals living in remote communities by providing the opportunity to outstanding members of the Indigenous community to talk through their career paths and discuss the different experiences that have led them to their current career positions.

ICTV hopes that this project will demonstrate to the next generation a range of opportunities that are available to youth in remote communities.

ICTV will work with 5 Indigenous role models to produce 5 episodes exploring their career paths to be shot in at the ICTV studio in Alice Springs. Through the interviews role models will offer advice to young Indigenous people based on their own experience.

The Remote Role Models project will launch as a part of Saturday Night Special Feature programming with one story playing each week before the regular 7pm special feature.

Videos will be launched concurrently online and be available on demand at ICTV Play.

This project is currently in production.

Remote Role Models is supported by Community Broadcasting Foundation.