Community News

The ICTV Community News project a news and current affairs program, delivered in Indigenous languages. This project aims to provide our audiences with access to national, regional and local information in language.

ICTV will produce two pilot episodes, and eight to-air episodes, each of 30 minutes duration. Each program will be presented by an Indigenous language-speaking news anchor from Central Australia. This in-studio news reader will present live news from our studio, and we will cut to pre-recorded news items created in remote communities  across Australia.

The Community News stories will cater specifically for ICTV audiences.


ICTV is currently collaborating with The Koori Mail on this project. The Koori Mail are sharing news material with ICTV which is of high interest to people living in remote communities. ICTV then works with language workers and linguists to translate this material to be incorporated into the Community News.


ICTV is looking to commission pre-recorded news segments from our contributors living and working in remote Indigenous communities. These news stories must be delivered in predominantly Indigenous language and be subtitled in English. Each video can be between 2-4 minutes in duration and follow a template format developed by ICTV.

News segments we are looking to commission include:

  • National News
  • Community News
  • Human Interest stories
  • Sports stories and sports coverage
  • Live Performance or comedy.
  • Weather

A negotiated fee will be paid for outsourced news stories.

Opportunities for community producers

  • Paid opportunity for language speakers with media skills
  • Training opportunities to further media skills and develop news gathering experience
  • Opportunities to work towards filing news stories with national news outlets

Paid commissions

News Stories (2-4min total duration) – $500 per story

Self-contained news stories which feature a news presenter, interviews and cut away footage/audio. The topic of these news stories can be selected by the community producer, but this topic must be approved by ICTV.

There will also be recurring micro-segments featured on the community news. These are shorter news items that will be fit between larger news stories. Some of the recurring segments include:


  • Cutest community baby
  • Community shout outs (short video messages to family and friends)
  • Community performer profile

Opportunity for performers

Each episode of the community news will end with a performance live from the ICTV studio. This could be a musical performance, a comedy routine, or any other type of performance by an Indigenous artist speaking in language. If you have an idea for a performance to be included in the community news get in touch with ICTV as soon as possible. Performers will be paid for their time.

Pitching/Commissioning process

It is important that you talk to ICTV before starting to produce your news story.

If you have a video news story that you would like to produce for the ICTV Community News project, you must first discuss the idea with the ICTV news team.

This can be done over the phone, or by contacting the ICTV news team by email. Or in person if you are in Alice Springs.

Once the news story idea has been discussed with ICTV, if it is approved, ICTV will send you a contract that can be completed quickly online.

Once you have signed your contract you can start to create your news segment following the template guidelines within your contract.

Once completed submit the finished story to ICTV to be included in the community news project.

Delivery info: Subtitles linked Premiere file .srt

All news stories will need to be delivered to ICTV with an English subtitle track. This needs to be delivered to ICTV in a text format, preferable in an .SRT file. This should not be hardcoded on to the video.

Training Opportunities

Once we have received your video news segments the news team will provide feedback to help improve your next news story.

ICTV will create training opportunities throughout the project for community producers. We will also share external opportunities with our news producers – such as funding opportunities, training and paid employment opportunities.

FRAIM, the Festival of Remote Australian Indigenous Moving Image will provide an opportunity for our community news producers to come together and take part in further news training.

Contact ICTV News Team

Phone: 08 8952 3118


Community News Project Officer
Damien Williams

This project was supported through the Australian Government’s Indigenous Languages and Arts program.

The pilot episodes of the Community News were created thanks to the support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation.