How to Contribute to ICTV

How do I get my video to ICTV or ICTV PLAY?

If your video is under 2GB, you can upload it directly to ICTV Play from your ICTV Play account. Just log in, complete the form and upload the file at the end.

If you have access to Dropbox or WeTransfer, you can upload your file and send it to us through a link via email. Email us at for more details.

If your video is over 2GB, call us on 08 8952 3118 for more details. In most cases, you will be asked to send us a DVD or a USB drive with your video file.

How do I complete release forms or clearances for my content that I want programmed on ICTV?

All of the necessary clearance forms can be completed online through the ICTV Play contributor portal. Once logged in, you can view all of the content you have contributed and edit submission forms to update any video information or alter permissions relating to broadcast conditions. Any alteration to a submission form will create an electronic record of changes and alert ICTV immediately.

What format does ICTV want?

ICTV will transcode videos to the formats that it requires for various platforms but would prefer high resolution video files, preferably Pro Res 422 Pal with audio at 48 Khz. Aspect ratio 16:9. If this information is confusing, just send us the best copy of your video (and yes, we can rip from a DVD). Alternatively, we can download from your Vimeo or YouTube account if you have a high-quality version of your media online already.

Programming not Sponsorship or Promotion

If your video is clearly promoting an idea or organisation, then the material may not be assessed as ‘Programming’ and will not appear on Channel 601. It may, however, be approved for ICTV PLAY. If you have a sponsorship campaign or would like ICTV to consider a promotional video for broadcast, then please refer to our Sponsorship section. [link]

If you have any further questions about submitting content to ICTV, do not hesitate to contact us at or on 08 8952 3118.